What Does Energy Have to Do With Your Life and Your Business?

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Let me tell you, EVERYTHING. And you know more about it than you think.

We automatically read the energy of everyone we meet whether we realize this or not. We know instantly if we like someone or not, we get a sense if someone is lying to us, we know if our environment feels unsafe – we don’t know how we know, we just do. This is our intuitive energy at work. Energy is primal. It is instinctive. As babies I believe we were naturally in touch with it. However in the West we have been socialized out of it and have learned to ignore it.

We instantly recognize healthy energy when we see it. These people are alive with that special something that makes them stand out from the rest of us like shining Px7 primal flow stars. They sparkle and attract people like bees around a honey pot. The same is true of your coaching business. Your energy affects the way you do business, it affects your marketing and sales, it affects your clients, your quality of service, it affects how you show up as a coach to a client session; in short, it affects your business and coaching success.

The idea of yourself as an energy being can take a shift in thinking. Individuals often feel confused, thinking they have never directly experienced their energy field and if this is you – don’t worry! You are not alone. In fact most of us don’t have the tools to recognize our energy. Remember, we live in the physical world, and our culture, certainly in the West, is extremely materialistic giving recognition to physical, scientific fact and as a consequence does not pay much attention to energy. It really isn’t just about how we live our lives either, we have been conditioned not to understand. Science is however, catching up and there is now real evidence of the existence of an energy field, that provides the container, as well as a bridge, for everything that happens between the world within us and our environment. The very fact that this field exists is changing our view of the world at a fundamental level and is contributing to the evolution which is now taking place.

It has been my privilege for over 20 years to work in the field of development, change and transformation. I have worked with many different people, in different countries, cultures and communities, different organizations, careers and roles with different needs and wants, different personalities, facing different challenges but with one single common thread – their energy. All of my clients have benefitted remarkably from enhancing their energy presence and my coaching transformed entirely when I began to integrate the power of energy into my coaching practice.

You see, each and every one of us, as well as every other living thing on this planet is composed of energy. It’s around us and within us. We are all radiating energy so it makes sense to learn about our energy system so we can use energy to enhance our lives, our businesses, our relationships and our sense of purpose in life. Now as a coach – these things are important to know, not only for yourself but also so you can guide your clients into their own transformation. You become more powerful as a coach as your clients experience personal and professional breakthroughs quicker and in ways that are more sustainable. Energy is a dynamic and integrated system, if you can learn to manage your own unique energetic system then you are on your way to living a vibrant and seriously fulfilling life.

Have you ever asked yourself why so few coaches are truly successful? I would assert that it is because they don’t understand the value of their energy, I’ve met many highly successful people and everyone of them knew how to focus the power of their energy. You do the math.

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