Vital PSP+ – Certified Vegan Highly Concentrated Nutritional Supplement From Ancient Strains of Rice

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Vital PSP+ is a highly concentrated form of functional nutrients that may help to increase carbohydrate metabolism to provide energy to the brain at the cellular level. Specifically, it contains poly saccharide peptides (PSPs) that may increase digestive processes to improve absorption and metabolism of carbohydrates and other nutrients to promote not only brain health but overall health. They may also increase efficiency of metabolic processes to increase the ability of the body to naturally detoxify itself which will in turn, boost the immune system as well as functioning of many organ systems. Vital PSP+ is a unique product in that it is made using whole food processing to preserve all of the nutritional value.

What is Vital PSP+ Made From?

This highly concentrated nutritional supplement is made from a rare strain of rice that has been in use by native peoples for centuries. Unlike other rice products, it is a non-GMO (genetically modified organism) that is used in its entirely natural state. The poly saccharide peptides contained in Vital PSP+ provide brain fuel. It also contains amino acids with Vitalflow carbon groups that can be converted into glucose for immediate energy in the brain. The rice extract also provides health levels of vitamins, minerals and the ever-important antioxidants to support body functions and protect cells from damage.

Why Whole Food Processing?

Whole food processing is a system of using actual foods to concentrate nutrients. Whole food methods use carefully designed systems to avoid heat and other synthetic processes, preserving nutritional value of supplements in a natural method. Many nutritional supplement manufacturers produce single ingredient products using artificial methods with chemical processes and high heat systems. These artificial processes actually work to destroy nutritional value and do not provide the myriad of other phytonutrients that can be obtained by using whole food methods.

Why is Vital PSP+ Better?

The natural, organic rice that provides the nutritional benefits of Vital PSP+ is not only an ancient grain, it is grown in an ancient place that has long been known to revere health. The Siam Valley, located in Thailand is known to have some of the most nutrient rich soil in the world. The nutrients packed within the soil are transferred to the naturally grown rice to provide a higher quality base for whole food supplementation. In addition, the growing environment including near equatorial sun along with a moisture laden environment, results in the most nutrient packed rice strain available but who can travel to Thailand to get rice? Vital PSP+ provides all of the benefits of this ancient nutritional product in a convenient package.

Vital PSP+ may be the answer in your quest to improve functioning of overall body systems, particularly the brain. By providing the brain with the fuel it needs, benefits such as increased alertness, increased mental capacity and feelings of overall wellness can result. In addition Vital PSP+ may provide antioxidants, minerals and vitamins as well as other phytonutrients to protect against damage from stress and the environment and may protect against diseases of aging such as dementia. Cyberwize, the manufacturer with over a decade of experience in promoting wellness through nutritional products, offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the health benefits you obtain from Vital PSP+ or any of its many other products. Give your brain the energy it needs with Vital PSP+

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