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Virgin Games Bonus is one of many types of free bonus that can be offered to an individual gamer by this online casino. Virgin Games is one of the top online casinos, which has been one of the leading gambling platforms in the UK for quite some time now. Apart from a stunning array of games and user-friendly interface, this online casino is also an extremely popular site thanks to its generous promotions and bonuses. Some of the more popular Virgin Games bonuses include the likes of free sign-up bonus, loyalty bonus and the loyalty point system. All of these have been designed and developed especially to attract new and returning players alike.

Virgin Games Bonus


The Double Bubble bonus concept is perhaps one of the more popular Virgin Games bonus concepts around. This concept basically involves the player being given two free spins on each of the Virgin Online casino games: Craps, Slots, Keno etc. In order to get the free spins, the player needs to sign up with the website as a new member. After signing up, the player can then access the free casino games and enjoy them without having to shell out any money or place any wagers on the game. As soon as the player wins a game, he gets double the amount of spins for that game!


The welcome bonus is one such promotional code that is being used by Virgin Games. This is a very cleverly designed promo that involves all the elements of a truly enticing promo. What makes it so appealing is the way in which the welcome bonus code is presented to the players. For starters, upon logging in to the Virgin Games main website, one will be greeted with a welcome bonus code that looks like a normal password. However, upon clicking on the code, the player is taken to a page where his welcome bonus information can be entered by clicking on the provided link.


Upon entering the code, one gets to see the welcome offer he has just been sent along with the code. On reading this promo code, the player gets to see the number of spins needed to be collected in order to qualify for the free bingo card. He also gets to see how many free spins the player will be eligible for. This means that once one has reached the required number of free spins, he can retire the same game and receive a new one. Moreover, once one plays through all the games, he gets to enter into a loyalty program!


The other promotional codes used by Virgin Games are the no deposit bonus, the bonus for members, deposit bonus, and the double bonus games. With the no deposit bonus, an account holder is eligible to receive one hundred percent welcome bonus on his or her account. This means that no deposit bonus can be claimed by the account holder once he or she starts playing online. Furthermore, when a member deposits money in his or her account, the bonus is credited in the account. For the double bonus games, a player deposits a minimum amount and gets double the amount with the game’s bonus.


The deposit bonus and the double bonus are valid on all types of games. However, it is best to refer to the rules and regulations of these casinos before playing so as not to disqualify oneself. When playing online, a person needs to read the instructions as well as to understand the bonus details and the wagering requirements accordingly. Understanding the terms as well as the conditions of a particular game would help in making better decisions regarding wagering required. Hence, it is important to refer to the terms and conditions of a site so as to avoid disqualification.


There are certain factors to consider when getting involved with online gambling. Virgin Games offers customers who register with them with various bonuses such as cash and bonus points. These bonuses can be used to play in table games such as Roulette, Baccarat, Keno and Craps. If a customer wants to try out a particular table game, he/she can avail the same by simply entering the promotional code given in the voucher.


By virtue of registering with the Virgin Games website, users get the privilege of using the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus helps the players to make the wager in the associated table game with ease. The customer service team of the site is available round the clock to cater to the needs of clients. In case there are any queries regarding any game, the customer service executives would assist the user in making right decisions based on the wagering requirements. The customer service executives also ensure that there is no damage done to the computer system of the player while participating in the game. The welcome bonus, the promotional codes, the deposit bonuses etc all work in accordance with the terms and conditions of Virgin Games.

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