Vinyl Record Quality Vs Modern Media

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If you are old enough to remember vinyl records, you know that where were some vinyl record quality issues that you dealt with, such as scratches, fingerprints, and skipping. Today, you cannot find vinyl records unless you go into some older music stores and they all used them.

With the advent of CD’s and DVD’s, everyone was sure this was better quality than the old vinyls, but is it. Along with technology changing from vinyl records to CD’s the speaker systems also advanced. Therefore, no one that used the music records when they were popular had the best stereo speakers because they did not exist at the time.

Vinyl records had the sounds grooved into them, which allowed it to mirror the original waveform of the sound. This means that the music records allowed you to hear the music as it was recorded, with nothing lost when fed into the speakers, it does not need converting since it is in analog.

CD’s on the other hand, takes a digital recording that converts the recording to an analog sound, which is then heard coming out of your speaker. The same process happens with DVD’s, but the vinyl quality is actually better because it is raw analog and does not lose the sound quality that the CD and DVD do. Therefore, today, if there were only vinyls along with the high-tech speaker systems, the sound would be closer to the original recording.

The recording industry is aware of the problem and has a new technique for improving quality on both the CD’s and DVD’s. The focus however, is on the DVD quality, but 收喇叭 they are called DVD audio discs, which are difficult to find and then you need to have a DVD audio player. These will become more popular in the future and become the standard for how we listen to music.

As it stand right now, vinyl record quality is better than CD’s when analog is compared side-by-side, but the world it not going back to vinyl because there were definitely some major disadvantages to music records. These included the size, non-portability, and the delicate nature of the records. In addition, the industry will continue to make advances with the way in which is converts digital recordings to the CD or DVD’s, which ultimately will make the sound quality as good or better than record quality.

Finally, if you still have some of your vinyls and of course, a turntable, you might want to hook it up and listen to the sound quality of the vinyl versus your CD’s. It probably has been so long since you listened to the records that you have forgotten the and simply become accustomed to the digital recordings we hear today.



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