The Duties Of A Housekeeper

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A housekeeper, is someone responsible for the care of the cleaning staff of a house. She may also do the daily cleaning chores for the housekeeper. It does not necessarily mean that a housekeeper is a cleaner and a laundromat go by the same definition. Housekeeping may be carried out by any woman, male or child.

Home-cleaning duties are a major responsibility of a housekeeper. She keeps the house spotlessly clean all the times. She is responsible to remove dirt and debris from the rooms and to dust the furniture. General duties of a housekeeper include light housekeeping, which may include dusting and vacuuming of furniture. They need to take care of any pets at home and look after the general health of the family members. A housekeeper must have the appropriate qualification, which can be learned in schools and colleges and some may get their qualifications through apprenticeship.

Some housekeeping tasks are common and the duties of a housekeeper may vary according to the seasons. During summers, they have to collect and wash towels, dust and sweep the rooms and during winters, she has to change bedding, clean up the kitchens and wash the clothes. A housekeeper will never be allowed to do the laundry and she would be better off just washing the clothes. She would also need to change bed covers and wash towels every day.

A housekeeper’s duties may include cooking and cleaning as well. A housekeeper needs to cook food for the family, buy foodstuffs from the market and prepare delicacies for the професионален домоуправител в София guests. Cleaning the kitchen is also one of her duties. In fact, it is her duty to polish the dinnerware and to wash the plates used for eating. If she cannot clean the dining table, then she can polish the table until the dining table looks presentable.

The minimum age for entry into the housekeeping profession is 16 years old. Women who are looking for housekeeper jobs should have a high school diploma. Some companies hire people even with a high school diploma. However, most housekeepers often start as assistants. This is because housekeeping is not very demanding and most entry level jobs are available in any area.

Housekeepers generally get a job after completing high school. The duties of a housekeeper depend on the size of the house, whether she cleans one room or a whole house and whether she is paid for performing her duties. There are many housekeeper services that are provided by organizations such as the United States maid services and International Housekeeper Services. They have representatives who can give you information about the various jobs available.

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