The Cost and Effectiveness of Laser Hair Removal Equipment

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One of the most effective methods of permanently removing hair is through the use of laser technology – a technique which literally destroys the hair follicles by heating them to a temperature which kills them. The equipment used for this form of permanent epilation must meet certain requirements and be adjusted to the proper settings, or the effects will be either too weak – with hair regrowth beginning several months after treatment – or too strong – causing permanent damage to the skin itself.

In order to understand what “aesthetic laser equipment” is suitable for hair removal, it is necessary to understand the basics of how laser epilation works. The laser energy is absorbed as heat by the hair at a faster rate than the surrounding skin, which tends to reflect the concentrated 激光去斑價錢 light instead. The individual hairs heat rapidly when the laser is directed at them, which damages the follicles and makes them less able to produce hair. Multiple treatments will eventually kill or shut down the follicles completely, thus resulting in permanent hair removal. This method works best on dark or coarse hair, since fine, pale hairs tend not to absorb heat as well.

The equipment used must produce a laser beam of the proper size, pulse rate, and wavelength in order to be effective and avoid the risk of damaging the skin. Ruby lasers are generally avoided because they can permanently lighten or darken the skin color. Alexandrite lasers are preferred for light skin colors, and tend to be highly effective. Pulsed diode array lasers are best suited to medium-toned skin, while those with dark skin should use Nd:YAG lasers, which are less effective but will not burn the melanin in darker skin tones.

The laser’s “spot size,” or the width of the beam on the target skin, is also crucial. The spot size ranges from 8 mm to 18 mm in most ‘aesthetic lasers,’ with the larger spot sizes being generally more effective but requiring more skill and care to use, and therefore being better suited to professionally-trained rather than home users.

Large, professional-grade hair removal lasers may cost anywhere from $35,000 to $100,000 new, and somewhat less used – but fortunately, recent years have seen the marketing of smaller and even miniaturized version of epilation users for private home use. The smaller home systems, which offer almost as much adjustment versatility as the professional-grade lasers, can cost in the region of $3,000 to $5,000. These systems can be adjusted for a variety of “spot sizes,” pulse rates, and so on, to deal with different combinations of hair and skin color effectively.

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