Survival Gear – Top 5 Must-Haves to Stay Alive Post-Apocalypse

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The air-raid siren wails in the night. It’s scream is one of ear-piercing hatred and rage. You don’t know what to do except get your family to safety. Unfortunately, you’re not prepared. And that really sucks, because now is that moment we’ve all been waiting for: the end of the world as we know it, and the beginning of something all-new.Urban Survival Gear + Clothing and Kit List | Vinjatek

When something like this happens, you’re going to need a few items to survive. (Well, really more than a few, but I’m sure your sharp mind already knew that.) You can always find some of the better items at military surplus stores. Online military equipment stores are best, as you can maintain privacy this way. Tactical gear can go a long way in survival situations. Why do you think the military uses it?

It’s always better to get new equipment if you can. If the world were to go ass-up in a hand basket in the next few minutes, would you survive?

Maybe not. But in the off chance that you do, you might want to have a few supplies on hand. Here’s my top five.

1. Canteens for Water

The most important thing for the human body is water. You can survive for about a month without food, but you can only survive for about three days without water. Without it, the body would shrivel up, because it would ultimately try to rob water from any source it could – namely: itself urban survival gear.

2. Rations

Next important is food. Of course, as noted above, the body can go around thirty days without food. But who would want to? Try stocking up a few months supply. Foods that can keep for a while are best – canned foods and rations are best. Try to stay away from dried fruit, as it generally is very processed and contains a lot of sodium. With all that sodium, you won’t be able to quench your thirst for very long.

3. Gas Mask

Maybe you’ll need it, and maybe you won’t. But if nuclear fallout is a problem, you may need some way to filter out all of that waste in the air. Your body needs oxygen to survive. A gas mask is the way to go, because it can help filter the necessary oxygen for your lungs to breathe.

4. Knives

Guns are, of course, the best option. The reason is that, if looters and thieves come along, they’re more likely to have guns. So get those. But you shouldn’t neglect the knife. Knives can come in handy for hunting food – should any animals survive – so that you aren’t limited to canned items. And who knows? You may have to use the knife to cut down some dead branches to build shelter.

5. Flashlight and Batteries

Are a flashlight and batteries really necessary? Maybe not. But candles need oxygen to burn at the wick. So if you light candles in an air-tight room, you’re going to run out of oxygen soon. Flashlights and batteries could last longer, too, if you keep enough of them around.

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