Supplemental Insurance Policy Protection Coverage Needs – Is Your Wallet Smarter Than Your Emotions?

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Does buying supplemental insurance policy protection coverage satisfy logical thinking? 90% of the time, emotions, instead of needs are causes for purchasing supplemental insurance policies of all types. Emotionally selling a prospect, blocks reasons why supplemental insurance policies often are not a logical way to open your wallet. Prospects use 10% logically thinking about certain protection coverage needs before letting their brain feel emotions they cannot resist.

There are thousands and thousands of agents that prey on the emotions of people to sell supplemental insurance policies. Often they are the type when risks rarely occur, or where the payout does not replenish what the wallet pays. Now I am not saying that purchasing a supplement policy is always a wrong decision. The buyer must actually sit down with pen, paper, and calculator to determine one major factor. That major factor is risk. See if the policy is going to cover needs and risks that can cause a financial burden. Should that risk be true, then logic and good sense dictates buying the coverage.

Sensible Insurance Supplemental Protection

Doing the math, the following types of health and life coverage are smart to consider. There are major gaps where normal major medical or life policies often have needs where great financial risks remain exposed.

1. Medicare Supplements   Over 90% of americans have one of the various private or employer Medicare Supplement policies to cover virtually all hospital and doctor bills left unpaid by the Government. Some prescription benefits are also included.

2. Long term care insurance   Far too people have enough savings to cover $60,000 a year of outside coverage. In addition, seniors may need costly in home medical benefits than Medicare does not cover.

3. Disability income insurance   No one knows when a sickness or accident can strike. Working is impossible for moths, years, or life. The government is not going to assist unless you go through a lengthy procedure and are deemed disabled enough to receive Social Security disability. That is why owning disability income is necessary coverage protection.

Sometimes Sensible Supplement Coverage Needs

Having a policy in this area contains logic if your situation fits the risks involved.

4. Mortgage Accident Protection    You might not be able to afford quality disability coverage, however you do not want to lose your home if an accident strikes. Mortgage Sonavel accident coverage may make the mortgage payments.

5. Mortgage Life Insurance Coverage   You need to have to make sure that in the event of sudden death, your home is not at risk. Both heads of the household should be protected so the balance of the house mortgage is paid off.

6. Burial Insurance   Use caution here. If you have no life insurance or had coverage end when you retired, burial life insurance should be considered. It is especially appealing for seniors as the policy might be guaranteed issued regardless of current medical conditions. Of course, full benefit limitation riders are often contained in the protection.


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