Spy Phone App – XnSpy Software Lets You Spy On Anyone and All at the Same Time

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A spy phone is not the same as a spy camera or a nanny spy cam. These terms are misleading because spy phone does not record or log data. Instead, a spy phone is an application that can be downloaded free of charge to monitor a child’s telephone activity. This application collects information such as call records, text messages, email communications, and Internet usage from the cell phone of the person it is installed on. Once this application is installed on a child’s phone, parents cannot detect its activity since it runs in the background. This type of spy phone also does not record the calls made to and from the cell phone.

Apart from monitoring mobile phone calls, spy phone has another important function. It allows users to track incoming and outgoing text messages. The text messages can be sent to a separate email address provided by the vendor. Additionally, it allows users to view all the messages received and all messages sent to and from the phone.

Spy Phone is a superior product compared to other spying programs because it has a few advanced features that allow it to be more effective in its spying process. The spy app works in two different ways. First, it allows parents to take actions based on recorded activities of their children. Secondly, it enables the parent to know specific information like what the child is doing at school, where he or she is going, what time he or she gets home, etc.

With the spy app, you can also track your child’s online activity. This means you can access your kid’s online account and view all the websites visited and all the messages exchanged with other kids. The detailed report also shows you what websites were visited using which numbers. In addition to that, if your child leaves any online chat session, it will also be recorded. All these activities can be accessed in stealth mode, which will enable you to view them later.

The main feature of the spyware monitoring program spy is its ability to perform covert monitoring. What spy does is that it connects to the remote computer via sniffing a wireless connection. From there, it can read all the information that is being passed between the two computers. This includes SMS messages and emails as well as other data sent or received.

Some of the apps from spy are equipped with the ability of gathering call details. The spy phone spy app gathers the call detail information through the microphone and through the browser. It is capable of recording voice messages and fax messages as well.

Apart from tracking your children’s and others’ mobile activities, the phone app also comes with a feature called GPS monitoring. With this feature, the user can determine the location of the cell phone user at any given time of the day. This is done simply by downloading an application from the google play store. Once downloaded, the GPS monitoring feature of the spy phone app begins working. It starts providing you with the location of the device in real time.

Apart from tracking your child’s and others’ mobile activities, the spy software is also capable of detecting and blocking unwanted incoming calls. It allows you to block specific phone numbers from getting forwarded to you and informs you when any call is made or received. Furthermore, the spy phone allows you to view your call history remotely over the internet. You can see whom you have spoken to and also get to know the extension that they used for making the calls. With all these capabilities, it becomes easy to monitor and control the use of your mobile phone remotely.

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