Realme 5 Phone – Is it Worth Investing In?

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Realme5 smartphones are a real delight to check out. This is the ultimate smartphone from the manufacturer, with features such as Android operating system, high quality cameras, excellent music player, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and plenty of memory storage. In this article, we have taken a look at some of the best smartphone deals including the Realme5. The Realme5 has an attractive price tag, so it comes as no surprise that it is one of the most popular handsets across the world.Realme 5 - Full phone specifications

The Realme5 flaunts a sleek 6.5 inch IPS LCD screen with a pixel density of 720 x 1,500 pixels and a dual touch glass panel, which resulted in an increased space and a bezel-free design. It also comes with a fully touch-sensitive design, a rear camera and selfies, which made it a popular choice among users. The device runs on the Windows platform, and supports Windows Mobile, Symbian and MMS modes. However, the real 5 phone runs on a dual-core 1ghz dual-core processor, and has a fairly large battery realme 5.

If you want something a little more powerful, the Realme5 Camera Sets Plus from Sony gives you some good options. It comes with an interchangeable lens, a 12mp camera with image stabilization, a Selfie mode and a Gesture button, although some versions do have other features such as a WiFi hot spot and MMS. The camera set comes with an inbuilt calculator, a calendar, contacts and links to various social networks including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. On the other hand, the real plus series also have a rear camera which comes with auto focus, image stabilization, flash, panorama, a timer, digital image processing, image enhancement and anti-shake. The battery has a high capacity of 1500mah, and this is very much different from the low spec Realme models that came before.

Another interesting handset from Sony Ericsson is the easy to use and stylishly designed Easytone Mini PC. It has an extremely large and bright QWERTY keyboard with dedicated buttons which makes it easy to use, especially if you are accustomed to using touch screens. The keyboard of this device also has capacitive keys, so you can type without looking at the screen.

With all the competition in the smartphone market, it is always good to go for something unique. The realme series has been developed to combine class and style with ease of use, thanks to the fact that they were inspired by two different mobile operating systems namely Android and iPhone OS. One of the best features of the real series is its extremely large display, which measures in at just over 9.5 inches. The large size of this display makes it almost like having a larger screen than the regular realme smartphone.

The pricing of the real series is on an expensive stand, with the mini PC costing about three times more than its competitors. However, this is not what makes this handset stand out, as the battery life and the way it integrates with your daily routine to make it well worth the price. In the end, if you are looking for a smartphone that will never let you down, the real smartphone is something you must have.

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