Plexiglas Room Dividers As a Modern Solution For Open Spaces

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One of the best ideas for separating large spaces is to use Plexiglas room dividers. There are a lot of ideas for using them including using them simply as a decorative conversation piece. Plexiglas is not the only material that makes a good divider. Acrylic and plastic are excellent dividers and are safer for children than regular glass. If you are somewhat creative and handy with tools you could even make your own. Many home supply retailers such as Home Depot and Lowes carry large sheets of Plexiglas in a wide range of colors. With the right tools you can design and install some one-of-a-kind dividers.Sibe-R Plastic Supply℠ ACRYLIC CLEAR PLEXIGLASS SHEET - 1/8" X 5" x 7" ^ |  eBay | Plexiglass sheets, Clear acrylic sheet, Acrylic plastic sheets

Plexiglas dividers are a modern way to divide up a large space in order to better utilize every inch of space you have. They can be contemporary in style with very few sleek lines or be reminiscent of yesteryear with a retro look. Some of these dividers may be folding dividers such as an accordion style. Some are made with wood at the bottom of the sliding panels and Plexiglas windows at the top. These are much safer around small children because you don’t have to worry about the glass breaking and injuring your child.

Prices will vary depending on the size, materials and design you choose clear plexiglass sheets
. When purchasing sliding, folding or multifold versions you must furnish accurate dimensions to your retailer so they can better help you fit the partition to your needs. If you are simply looking to replace an existing divider and like the size of the old one, simply measure the old partition and take those dimensions to local retailers to get the size you need. Plexiglas room dividers are great for a replacement door for a pantry or laundry room because most of them will fold or slide out of the way leaving the entire entryway free of any obstacles.

There are many colors that Plexiglas comes in so you may consider using several different colors to create the one you want. You can even hang your own Plexiglas by simply purchasing a track system, drilling some holes in a few sheets and hanging them on the track system. This is one of the easiest versions to install. They are also much cheaper than constructing a new wall or installing other fixtures. When you consider using Plexiglas room dividers, there are few things to consider.

You want to consider where it will be used. Pure clear sheets of Plexiglas are not appropriate for the shower regardless how beautiful your girlfriend is! You wouldn’t want clear Plexiglas dividers in a bedroom or separating a living room from a bedroom. You will also want to consider the style you need. Most of the Plexiglas room dividers are contemporary in style and will go with any decor but if you have a retro decor, installing a contemporary divider could make your room look off kilter and less attractive to yourself and others.

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