Physiotherapy and Stroke Patients

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Stroke is a condition in which the patient experiences rupturing of brain capillaries or arteries even in severe cases. Those of us whose cherished ones faced this condition would certainly know the tension involved their in. Against stroke physiotherapy has been successfully practiced, though time taking but sure no doubt. The patient of stroke is admitted to hospital immediately and then his physiotherapeutic treatment starts till his partial or complete recovery which may vary case to case but physiotherapeutic results are surely achieved in positive if practiced well.

Stroke victims are prescribed physiotherapy because their limbs are not having necessary physical articulations and movements which will certainly cause the limbs to gangrene if physiotherapy not practiced immediately. The exercises should not only be started but maintained as well till the complete recovery. Stroke patients are cautioned to be away from Owens, stoves, hearths and other heat producing appliances. They are taught special ways of cooking. In this regard techniques and methodologies are introduced to the family members and attendants of the patient as well e.g. helping patient during walking, keeping the way clear of hurdles to facilitate walking and such associated things.

Stroke being a disease of brain may take time longer than normal. Stroke patients are shifted to hospital normally and treated there; they are not treated at home normally rather hospital and rehabilitation centers are preferred by the doctors and physiotherapists in this regard to avoid any complications.

Normally the patients of stroke are prescribed the same exercises or practices as those related to the patients of diabetes. Stroke patients are prescribed 頭痛原因 suctioning, massages, percussion instruments and medicines helpful therein. Deep breathing, stretching, coughing and other exercises are also prescribed by the physiotherapists to the stroke victims.

Patients are taught the walking exercises as well if the condition of stroke is soft; in this getting up from bed, walking with or without some help, sitting at wheel chair on one’s own may be included.

If unfortunately the patient is suffering from stroke which has rendered him unable to speak the physiotherapist emphasizes on speaking exercises also; normally three hours are fixed for this exercise in which different techniques are practiced and taught which usually result in rehabilitation of speaking in a few months

Stroke patients when treated by physiotherapeutic techniques follow a series i.e. diagnosis then treatment then care then massage, discussion and exercises which pave his path to complete rehabilitation back to normal.

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