If You’re Not Worried About Form I-9 Compliance For Your Restaurant, You Should Be

Remember your first job? Mine was as a waitress in a local pizza parlor. I learned how to hand-flip pizza dough so I could work “behind the counter” and before I knew it, I was actually managing my first restaurant at the ripe old age of 17! I know we probably broke every wage and […]

Vital PSP+ – Certified Vegan Highly Concentrated Nutritional Supplement From Ancient Strains of Rice

Vital PSP+ is a highly concentrated form of functional nutrients that may help to increase carbohydrate metabolism to provide energy to the brain at the cellular level. Specifically, it contains poly saccharide peptides (PSPs) that may increase digestive processes to improve absorption and metabolism of carbohydrates and other nutrients to promote not only brain health […]

Natural Hoodia Diet Pills – Hope For Flabby Folks Around the World

Hoodia gordonii, which has been established as one of the more unique species of cacti that specifically aids general weight loss efforts is now experiencing a renewed vigor in the weight loss industry. History Before people were able to buy UniqueHoodia, the hoodia gordonii cactus plant was originally used by the San tribesmen. The Sans […]

Sidereal and Tropical Astrology – Do They Complement Each Other?

Sidereal and tropical are two different forms of astrology that are based on two different ways in which a year can be measured. Simply put, a sidereal year is the time that the Earth takes to travel around the Sun while referencing the fixed stars. These are the celestial bodies that do not appear to […]

Natural Tinnitus Cures – Helpful Vitamins and Minerals to Combat Ear Ringing

Besides the continuous consumption of particular anti-inflammatory medications, problems with your auditory system can be aggravated by certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Even if the deficiencies are not the sole cause that triggers the ear condition, consuming foods that contain enough vitamins and minerals vital to your ear health is very helpful as a tinnitus […]