Online Coaching or Self-Help Books

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If you glance through the shelves of your local book store, you are bound to notice a few dozen or more self-help books. They all claim they can help you gain back control over your life and/or put it right back on track.

When it comes to life coaching, they all have a different focus. Some spotlight very specific issues e.g. overcoming fear, deciding long-term life decisions, conquering passivity. Others give more attention to business coaching, e.g. creating a successful career, how to become chris hsu rich. Still other self-help books discuss aspects of health coaching while several cover a wider range of topics focusing on the usual dilemmas that are a part of life.

Undoubtedly self-help books can be quite constructive. They are particularly apt in both outlining different outlooks and providing suggestions on how to address the certain problem areas many individuals get stuck on. One of the biggest problems with self-help books is the overall need to address a general audience. They are not written for each individual. As a result, they are not able to consider the different and unique characteristics and backgrounds of everyone who may want to apply their program and approach. Self help books, for all their knowledge can only be applied in a general sense.

Another problem built-in to self help books is that while inspirational and educational, they lack the ability to motivate you on a regular basis. Behind them is an unseen author. He or she is only a champion on paper. When push comes to shove, the author is not there for you when you need the support to get through it. It is far too easy to ignore a book and place it to the back of a shelf for consultation “sometime soon.”

No matter what type of coaching is drawn upon – business, life health, etc., what is required is the need to acquire new understanding and make sometimes big changes in the pattern of your life. The resistance to change many people possess often interferes with their ability to make adjustments to how they think and behave. Having only a book to turn to and no one to personally talk you through the hard parts is difficult. You really need someone who can guide you in the direction that is right for you.

Online coaching avoids this problem. You have a mentor – someone able and willing to help you achieve your goals and objectives. Moreover, your mentor will do so without taking control of YOUR life. S/he will act as your supporter and your champion throughout the entire process.

When you turn to a life coach, you are getting more than coaching about life. You are obtaining coaching for life. The purpose of life coaching including business, health and personal coaching, is to not bring about temporary positive change. It is about lasting results. Life coaching is not about brief,

Personal coaching, business coaching and health coaching are all aimed at making positive change and bringing about lasting results, rather than some brief moment read, thought about then forgotten. Modern technology ensures online coaching is a practical source for guidance. It makes available the tools and expertise you require to bring about long lasting change while acting as trusted guide whose only concern is you and you alone.

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