Mobile Recycling Websites and Getting a New Phone

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As the number of people who spend time online has increased, so has the use of web services that are unique and ones that mirror what is available on the high street. Mobile recycling websites that allow old mobile phones to be exchanged for cash are unique; you won’t find dedicated mobile recycling shops on the high-street that offer the level of service that the web does.

The demand for new phones with the latest technology has created a surge in popularity and as a consequence, a huge question of waste and what to do with the out of date phones. People who use their phones everyday are likely to upgrade within two years, often less than this 二手電腦回收depending on what their contract is. They will be offered a new handset included in the price of their monthly payment. After the end of the contract the mobile phone company will offer them a free phone with all the latest features to entice the customer into renewing a 12, 18, or 24 month contract, possibly offering more minutes of talk time or text too to get them to stay.

After some hesitation then eventually being won over by the enticing offer, they will receive the shiny new phone to their doorstep and after 14 days will enter into a new contract. Within those 14 days the customer gets to try out the new phone to see what it is like, to live with it for a while. In this time they slowly forget about their old phone, with the old technology and the handset may eventually get lost, hidden away in a drawer, in a cupboard or at the very worst, thrown away in the bin.

Mobile recycling websites give people who have just got new phones, or just want to get rid of their old ones, which may be many in number, a way to exchange them for cash, to ensure they are recycled and dispose of them correctly. These websites exist because mobiles contain valuable components that can be reused or recycled. Broken or faulty handsets can be dismantled and the working parts salvaged. These can then be used to produce fully working phones.

Other phones may be very damaged but there is still value in some of the components. For example every mobile phone contains a small amount of gold. This can be extracted from the phone, melted down and sold on to be reused in the manufacture of new phones. The rest of the handset components are recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

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