Hunter Air Purifiers Review

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The Hunter time-tested elegance and modern innovation came about when the father and son team James and John Hunter started in 1886 with the first water-driven ceiling fan. Later models were among the first to use electricity and that started Hunter’s supply of superb fan models to the world, until it ventured into other forms of home comfort products such as air purifiers, humidifiers, ceiling fans, and thermostat controls.

Here are some features of Hunter’s air purifiers 토토사이트 that are purely its own:

True Hepa Filter – This air purification system removes about 99.97% small particles with the size of.03 microns that pas through the air. Its built in activated carbon pre-filter traps lint, hair, and it also removes kitchen and pet odors and even smoke by 30%, giving your home fresh and clean air.

Whisper Quiet – These great purifier models have the QuietFlo System that utilizes Hunter fans for eliminating excessive noise, keeping your home more comfortable and giving you more peace of mind.

Highly programmable – You can adjust the fan speed up to four times a day, seven days a week, giving you the freedom to set it the way you want your home environment to be.

Mechanical Filter Change Indicator – You will be prompted when your filter needs changing. This will ensure that your air filter is operating at its peak performance.

Top exhaust – Hunter’s air purifier models have the top exhaust that exhausts purified, clean air from the top, leaving the particles below untouched.

If you are looking for a home air filter then you could do worse than go past a Hunter air filter.

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