How to Drive a Golf Ball Further

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It is always embarrassing when your son out drives you, or you are always first up to hit the second shot in your group. Wouldn’t it be more of a psychological boost if you could out drive anyone on the course? Learn how to drive the ball farther with these easy techniques.8 Power ball ideas | power balls, lottery numbers, powerball8 Power ball ideas | power balls, lottery numbers, powerball

Any golf pro will tell you, its not how hard or how fast you swing that will get you to hit the ball farther it’s having everything from your stance to your swing positioned and moving at the right time in the right place. Open your stance a little wider to give yourself more stability; any facet of your body or your club that is not in place during your swing could turn your shot into a hook or a slice, so make sure that you have firm base and good balance. If you are right handed, point your left foot a few degrees more towards your target. Naturally you will be swinging harder, and opening up your front foot will allow the club head to catch up to the speed of your swing, which in turn will help you avoid a slice, and remember, never hurry your backswing. These are all basic keys to driving the ball further 최상위파워볼.

Keep Your Left Arm Extended

It is natural that during your backswing your left arm bends, this lessens the power at impact with the ball. Keeping that left arm as straight as possible gives the club head a wider arc, leading to more power and distance.


Physics says that at your bent arms and wrists have to release their power at some point during the swing, and it is at a very precise time that this power needs to be released to optimize its potential power. The key is to release this power as close to the ball as possible. Beginning golfers will release this power by breaking their wrists at the top of their backswing or prematurely during the downswing. Your wrists should be at a 90 degree angle between your arm and the golf club during your downswing. Keep this angle of your wrists as the club lowers. If performed consistently this can add many yards on onto your drive.


Be sure that the tee is at the right height. Teeing the ball up a little too high or a little too low could impact the distance of your drive tremendously. The best height for the ball to be sitting at, to help maximize distance, is to have the ball teed up at a height that where the bottom of the ball sits flush with the crown (or the top) of the club. The bottom of the ball should sit level with the top of the driver.

Stay Flat

To get that lofty line drive that all professionals have, your club should stay along the ground for at least the first 20-25% of your swing. If your club leaves the flat of your backswing too soon, it will most likely cause a “pop up” which in turn causes a loss of distance.

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