Holdem Lesson – A Quick Lesson on Pre-Flop Play

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Read this for a quick Holdem lesson in pre-flop gameplay. What you do pre-flop is probably the most important part of Texas Holdem.

Pre-Flop Holdem Lesson #1 – Your Cards

The cards you get dealt from the dealer are vitally important in what you can do pre-flop. They should provide the basis, or foundation, of your idea about what you are going to do.

Absolutely dirt, trashy cards should be folded. Great cards 홀덤사이트 should always be played. But it’s not often as easy as this. Most of the time you’ll get dealt cards that are neither good nor bad – or good in some situations and bad in others.

Pre-Flop Holdem Lesson #2 – Your Opponents

The cards your opponents get dealt are probably more important than what you get. If your opponents have weak cards you can play almost anything. If they have strong cards you can’t even play most of the best cards you’ve got.

After you know what cards you have you need to figure out what cards your opponents are likely to have. You can do this from how the act, how they bet, what position they are in and guess what cards they are likely to play based on their past performance.

Pre-Flop Holdem Lesson #3 – Table Position

Table position trumps both your cards and your opponents cards in impact. You can play almost any card no matter how bad they are when you are in the latest position. You can’t really play any cards, and you might even have trouble with the best of the best, when you are up first to bet.

You can utilise table position to make blind steals pre-flop. If everyone checks around to you in last position, make a sizeable bet that’s quite big in relation to all previous pre-flop bets. Most people will fold due to fear and bad pot odds.

Pre-flop play is some of the most important play you can focus on. This quick Holdem lesson covered the main areas of pre-flop play.

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