Getting Your Website Indexed is the First Step for Google Optimization

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The first aim of any webmaster is to get the website indexed in Google. This takes a long time for some web promoters as they do not follow the Google basics. However, there is no problem and it is easy to get indexed in Google within a few days.

The first task after completion of your website is to create a Google sitemap for it. Sitemap displays the structure and layout of your website in a way that search engines access them with an ease. This is the file in the form of a coding. There are different web services that can generate various varieties of sitemaps after scanning your site. You can create an xml sitemap for Google which is provided in different formats. In its simple form normal sitemap is considered while others are compressed and ror sitemaps.

When your sitemap is created, you can save it and upload it after storing it in the folder created on root or store it directly on root. Create an account with the Google for submitting your sitemap. Follow all the instructions there to get your sitemap verified and then submit the generated sitemap google优化.

Now submit your content to the Google to make to make it aware that you need to get crawl your website by googlebot. Add your website url in the Google and submit the required content. Google will consider your sitemap and content within a week or two. Apart from these it also depends on the relevancy of website content to get it indexed.

Search engine works on the basis of spider software that searches through a website. When this spider finds a link on a webpage it follows that link. If your link of website y is there on website X ,the spider will divert towards website Y from website X. Thus if your link is there in good established website then spider can follow to your website.

The way of getting link on other website can be by submitting article to an article directory. Write an article which is completely free and based on your website. In the author resource box you can insert a link back to your website. The more links which you have pointing towards your website the faster it will get indexed, So write more articles which are based around on the theme of your website. Another benefit is people will read your articles and it will generate more visitors for you.

Another way is to buy text-link ads which are displayed on an already established website that is currently indexed in Google. Through this you can achieve a back link from Google trusted sites. You have to pay for it but your website will get indexed in the shortest possible time.

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