Getting One Way Links For Your Website

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A one way link is a link that points to your website without the need for you to point back to the other site.

The search engines generally view one way links as being more valuable than reciprocal links. The main reason for this is that they tend to be harder to get. So in the eyes of the search engines, harder to get means more valuable. Simple, huh?

There are a number of different ways to get one way links. Most of them involve some time and effort on your part but it is possible to delegate this kind of task to other people, using sites like Rentacoder once you start getting some money in.

Articles such as this one are an excellent way to get one way links.

You submit an article to a site like Linkpad and make sure that your author’s bio link at the end of the article has a link back to your website. You have control over the keywords used in the link, so you can vary them from article to article. You also have control over which page is hyperlinked, so you can vary that from article to article as well. Articles submitted to Linkpad are checked by a human editor, so they need to be reasonably good quality and link in bio 100% original. Don’t worry – you’re not subjected to the same kind of rigorous standards that you would be by your English teacher. A chatty article like this one is fine. In fact, a chatty article will likely get more readers because it’s easy to read and doesn’t sound like you’re sitting through a boring lecture on quantum physics.

Commenting on other people’s blogs is another way to get one way inbound links.

Unlike an article, where you’ll be told in a few days whether or not your submission has been successful, blog comments are more hit and miss.

Some blogs will automatically include your comment as soon as you post it. But these are rare because of the amount of blog comment spam that is around.

Most blogs will review your comment before it appears publicly. SO you will need to wait a few hours, days or even weeks before the blog owner gets around to reviewing your comment.

If you do go down the blog comment route, make sure that you take the time to read the blog entry you’re commenting on. Typing in something banal like “Great resource” is unlikely to get approved by most blog owners. Make the comment useful and relevant without spending hours crafting it.

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