Feng Shui and the Locked Phase

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What is a Locked Phase? Some schools of feng shui call it “the Imprisoned Star” and in Master Sang’s school we refer to it as a “locked” phase….It is a cycle that every house must go through at some time or another. Just like a certain time frame in a woman’s life, when she must go through menopause, the Locked Phase of a house will be a time frame when the negative aspects of a house are more likely to influence the occupants. If a house type is already prone to accidents, illness, or arguments–then the Locked phase will make it worse.


The longest Locked Phase will last for twenty years. There are also annual locks that repeat every nine years. And there are even monthly locked phases, but most practitioners do not concern themselves or their clients with a negative phase of such short duration. But an example of a monthly lock might be experienced as a “bad month.” Perhaps in that month there could be illness or a decrease in income.


If a house is in a “People Lock” it could make a challenging marriage worse, it could make it difficult to get pregnant, or intensify any particular problem associated with health or relationships. If a house is in a “Money Lock,” then the income of the occupants could decrease mildly to significantly or contribute to any type of career-related aggravations.

Sometimes a house can be “locked” for money and for people at the same time or in consecutive years. As an example, a house which faces West and built in the 1950’s Divine Locks was in its 20-year Money Lock from 1984-2003 and on top of it, in 1997 that same house was also in a one-year People Lock.


Whether a house is locked for money or for people and whether it is in a 20-year lock or just a one-year lock, the remedy is the same: the occupants must be able to HEAR and SEE circulating water. Indoor and outdoor water falls can be quite effective in reducing the effects of the locked phase.

o You should not rule out buying a house in a one-year lock because it will be over in 12 months or less!

o A house that is just beginning or in the middle of a 20-year lock may not be the best choice just because of the duration of the lock.

o Theoretically, placing water fountains or aquariums anywhere in the house where you can see and hear them will “unlock” the lock; however, there are going to be some locations for water that will be better than others based on the energy patterns of each area of your house.

o When does a house enter the twenty year lock? It is different for each house type.

Some will enter a twenty-year lock shortly after being built, while other house types may not experience a 20-year lock for 40 or more years after it is built. A house has a major cycle that spans 180 years and at some point in those 180 years, there will be a 20-year money lock and a 20-year people lock.

o A house or building which has voluminous waterfalls, pools, or aquariums may not experience the locked phase at all.

o A house right on the beach with the sight and sound of water as a constant part of the living experience, may not experience a locked phase either.

o The Locked Phase is specific to the house. The occupants do not cause the locked phase.

o The Money Locked Phase will easily explain why a business may prosper for a number of years and then experience struggles during the locked time frame.

o The People Locked Phase for a business can contribute to employees not getting along and/or a high turnover of workers and lack of loyalty or a workplace plagued with gossip.

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