Elderly Sitting Services

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If you have an elderly loved one in your home or in their own home that has increasing needs, it may be time to get some help. For many people, having an elderly parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent in their home eventually becomes labour-intense to deal with on their own. Many try to do it all but eventually need some help. Despite having a support system of other family members and friends who can help you, there may come a time when you consider getting assistance in the form of elderly sitting services. Services are available that can lighten the load either temporarily to meet a need or on an ongoing basis, to help you manage the busy act of juggling your own life with the needs of your loved one.

About Elderly Sitting Services

Elderly sitting services can help you in a variety of situations. If you need help after a medical procedure or operation, having an extra set of skilled and caring hands 護老院推介 can make it easier to properly support your loved one.

If you have someone who typically helps but is temporarily unavailable, elderly siting services can also come in and help on a temporary basis.

If you have a critically and / or chronically ill loved one that needs ongoing assistance, services can be available to help you either as needed or to help you around the clock, if required.

Taking a Break for Yourself

It can be demanding to be a carer around the clock. Sometimes, despite your best efforts to do it all, you are not superhuman; you need a break. Whether you have a need for assistance because you have an errand or medical needs of your own or you simply need a bit of time off because the schedule has taken a toll on you, a caring and skilled elderly sitting service can step in and provide customised services for your loved one.

Hiring a sitting service that has experience with someone who is elderly, who has dementia, who has special medical needs, who had has a recent operation, or who has limited mobility can put your mind at ease.

You may want help for a day, for a few days, for an extended period because you need to leave town, or for another reason. The right help can be an asset to both you and your loved one.

Specialised respite care services can be customised to your loved ones’ needs, including:

• Help with meals, medication, medical assistance with wound dressing

• Personal hygiene assistance

• Housekeeping services

• Help with pets (walks, feeding, litter changes)

• Fresh air, walks, outings, exercise

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