Effective Diabetes Management Lowers the Hazards of Complications

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When someone is diagnosed with diabetes, he or she usually panics because not the disease itself, but its possible complications are extremely frightening. Diabetes can lead to serious health conditions like damage of the blood vessels; heart disease, kidney failure, eye problems, leg and foot problems. Even though this might sound very scary, with an effective diabetes management, complications can be avoided. All diabetes patients must fully understand that in order for them to live with this disease and to enjoy many years of life, they have to do some important changes. Of uttermost importance in managing diabetes and in lowering the hazards of complications are the medication, the diet and the physical activity.

Under no circumstances should patients neglect the treatment that the doctor is prescribing them. It can either be an insulin therapy or some other therapy, but the main point is that the recommended treatment scheme should be followed step by step. Medication is indeed the 糖尿病檢查 key to living a life close to normal, but it is not all it takes. Diabetes sufferers should also change their diet and include physical exercise in their daily routine. This all starts with a change in their mentality. A healthy lifestyle is not an ordeal, but it is the single alternative to live long and happy years without suffering of diabetes complications.

Unhealthy dietary habits need to be replaced with healthy ones. Patients with diabetes should base their diet on fruits and vegetables and they should also consume fibers and whole grains. Such a diet will diminish the risk of developing a heart disease. The intake of salt should be close to zero in order to help kidneys perform their activity easier. Smoking is completely out of the question for diabetes sufferers because it can lead to dangerous complications.

In managing diabetes, physical exercise also plays an important part. Keeping complications away, physical activity is recommended to be done three times a week, for thirty minutes. It might be wise to ask the physician what kind of exercises are best to be done because every patient has his or hers particularities.


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