Easter and the Best Fake News Story Ever

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People put up fake news to sway others with their opinions and hopefully to destroy the ‘norm’. During the USA elections it was rife. Social Media sites like Facebook along with videos, and the media in general all promoted it. Some of the things I read and watched were shocking and more so if they were true. The shock scenario is what brings about a reaction and then once swayed people tend to love the alternative.

The Truth is the victim and even when they hear it those who are brain-washed into the other are virtually impossible to redeem. We have all heard the adage that ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ so why don’t we examine the latter more closely.

Good blood-thirsty stories are generally what turns the public on. Violence, wars, and over-throw by dictators and murderers loom large on television and gain the greater audiences. By contrast true stories are often considered boring or too old-hat and boring to watch.

As Easter approaches the best fictional story around is that of the death of one Jesus Christ and the rise up of a small persecuted group called Christians. The story is as fake as anything on the media at this time and yet it will grip everyone who is interested with passion buy fake id.

The real God is the Great Spirit of the Universe and it has never produced a son, let alone one whom men have killed. The idea behind the story is to state how great men are who can not only kill ‘god’ but then have it resurrect and state that what they do is God’s will.

Following my reincarnation and with a commission to destroy the lies and tear down the wall of confusion that hides the truth the Spirit led me back in time to discover the roots of Easter. It is a term derived from ‘eye-star’, which happened at the equinox.

In a vision the Spirit showed me the rising sun’s rays passing through a hole made in a stone held aloft on a prop. Watching were a mass of people who had ‘marched’ to the hill-top where they witnessed the event.

The rays dispersed into the wonderful rainbow-coloured rings of motion and central to the sight appeared the right-angled cross. This image is visible everywhere when light is refracted due to a shiny substance, such as glass, or the rays penetrate an object or pass behind a mountain peak.

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