Debt Settlement in the Lone Star State

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(Note: this is not to be considered legal advice, and it is dealing with the hypothetical “average” consumer. Each case is unique and to determine the legal ramifications of your individual scenario you should consult an attorney.)

Debt settlement, also known as debt negotiation or debt reduction, is a relatively new way for dealing with your debt problems. In a debt settlement program, by negotiating with a creditor, a client can reduce their debt by as much as 50 percent and be debt free in as little as 12 to 36 months.

Debt settlement is a great solution for consumers feeling overwhelmed with credit card debt that find themselves either falling behind on their payments or just able to afford the minimums. Considering the savings, in most cases it’s worth doing if you find yourself in any of the aforementioned situations. As with any debt solution, however, there are potential downsides to debt settlement that should always be considered prior to enrollment. First, debt settlement may have an adverse impact on your credit, particularly Debt Consolidation Texas  while you’re in the program. To put this point in perspective, however, it’s important to remember the following: 1) any third party debt counseling program and even debt consolidation loans from finance companies like Beneficial will affect your credit negatively in the eyes of lenders, 2) the effect on your credit in the long-term is minimal, given the fact you’ll be eliminating all your credit card debt (amount owed is 30 percent of your credit score, compared to credit history, which makes up 35 percent of your score) and 3) if you’re falling behind or about to fall behind anyway, then your credit has been or will be affected negatively anyway.

Realistically, the two main draw backs of debt settlement that are unique to debt settlement are the following: 1) the possibility of legal action being taken by the creditor to collect the full balance and 2) the possibility of creditors harassing you until the debt is settled.

Thankfully, if you’re doing debt settlement in Texas these concerns are very much diminished. Why is Texas debt settlement so preferable compared to a lot of other states? The reason is Texas has highly favorable debtor laws that give consumers a lot of rights and protections when it comes to past due unsecured accounts like medical bills, credit cards, repossessions, and personal loans.


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