Canon Digital Video Camera

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Canon has produced a new product that is the top of the line in video recording and picture taking. The canon gl2 minidv digital camcorder is a movie lovers dream. This product not only takes great pictures and video but it is of such high quality that its features are used by professionals. With great features at an affordable price the canon gl2 minidv digital camcorder provides you with professional features that produce perfect photos and videos every time you use it.Xpro Digital Cinema | LinkedIn

The canon gl2 minidv digital camcorder contains a charge-coupled device system known as a CCD. The CCD takes colors that pass through the lens and reproduces the color in outstanding detail and brightness giving you the best image possible. This camera also has fluorite installed in its lens. The flourite element creates sharper details and a cleaerer image. It also increases the quality of resolution an brightness to produce the perfect photo or video. The canon gl2 minidv digital camcorder also contains larger pixels than other camcorders. Therefore this camera produces greater detail and allows you to shoot in dark places and still produce a bright scene. The 100x digital zoom lens allows you to capture images that are farther away. You don’t lose anything by zooming in, the images appear just as clear as they would if the video was being shot from 2 feet away digital cinema.

The audio quality on the canon gl2 minidv digital camcorder is simply amazing. The microphone that is installed on the product produces very realistic stereo sound. You can also adjust the audio preferences to your liking such as if you want to record two channels on one track or if you want to separate them. Another great feature is the optical image stabilizer. This feature eliminates the problem of camera shake. Therefore you don’t have to worry about accidentally moving the camera while shooting. The canon gl2 minidv digital camera will detect camera shake and automatically correct it so you always take the perfect photo and videos with no blur.

You can also plug the canon gl2 minidv digital camera into your computer with a USB cable. You can display your favorite photos and videos on your computer and ultimately print photos. This product also has three different shooting modes; digital photo mode, normal movie mode, and cinema-like frame movie mode.

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