Body PH – Balancing Your Body PH Lead to Better Health

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What Is pH Balancing?

Everyone remembers those shampoo commercials that claim superior effectiveness due to a proper pH balance. If you studied chemistry in school, you may recall measuring the pH of various substances. However, few understand how the pH of the body affects our general health. When making nutritional decisions, we should take extra care to consume a pH-balanced diet.

The pH scale measures the acidity or alkalinity of a substance. The measurement is conducted on a scale that ranges from zero to fourteen. A substance with a pH of zero is acidic. A substance with a pH of fourteen is a strong base. The pH measurement of seven is neutral. For Blood balance the purposes of biological pH balancing, a slightly alkaline reading is ideal.

In chemistry, substances that are very acidic can be dangerous. If you have ever handled hydrochloric acid, it is easy to understand how it would be devastating to consume. Some substances with extremely high pH readings can also be deadly when touched or ingested.

However, some healthy foods are mild acids. There are other alkaline food items that are safe to eat. When we refer to pH balancing a diet, this concerns planning your consumption in a way that creates an optimal balance of acidic and alkaline foods. While various doctors and nutritional experts suggest slightly different pH levels for ideal health, a mildly alkaline biological pH is considered healthy.

The Dangers of Acidosis

Acidosis is a condition of biological acidity associated with poor health. Some doctors, scientists, and nutritional experts believe that this state may be caused by poor dietary choices. Acidosis can lead to acidemia. This is a harmful condition where blood plasma pH levels have fallen. Scientists suggest that biological organisms need a blood pH between 7.35 to 7.50. If your blood pH falls below 7.35, you are suffering from acidemia. Some experts believe that prolonged acidemia leads to permanent cell damage. Living mammals require a blood pH between 6.8 and 7.8 to sustain life.

Metabolic acidosis is a more specific version of this disorder. When considering a healthy diet, metabolic acidosis represents a critical failure in pH balancing. In a clinical setting, this occurs most commonly due to poisoning. However, this extreme example illustrates the importance of proper pH balancing. If we lose control of this critical balance, the health consequences can be alarming.

Mild levels of sustained acidity may cause serious health problems. For example, acidosis can hamper immune and cardiovascular function. Your body may respond by overproducing mucus. Various deposits may build in different parts of the body. Essentially, excessive acidity affects the production of extracellular fluids. A poor pH balance causes harm to a number of different biological systems. This can result in a broad range of health problems from fatigue to joint pain. Science does not fully understand the entire scope of health problems that stem from poor pH balance at this time. However, this is due to the sheer number of problems that relate to this issue. This makes dietary pH balancing very important.

Problem Diets Are Often Acidic

Acidosis is the most common condition that emerges from poor pH balancing. Most of our diets contain too many acidic foods. While excessive alkalinity is possible, it is very rare. For the most part, healthy dieters should attempt to increase the alkalinity of the body. Many health experts suggest that lifestyle and dietary factors can be changed to promote a proper pH balance.

Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg’s Cancer Theories

Otto Heinrich Warburg received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1931 for his theories regarding respiratory enzymes. However, this world-renowned expert shocked the medical community with a new cancer theory in 1924. The Warburg hypothesis indicated that unhealthy cells gain energy through a non-oxidative consumption of glucose. Since healthy cells use pyruvate, his work suggested that cancer is the result of a mitochondrial dysfunction.

Dr. Warburg explained how unhealthy cells replace oxygen respiration with sugar in The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer. In The Metabolism of Tumors in the Body, Dr. Warburg described an experiment where tumors were destroyed by using pressure from ammonia to stave off acidosis. This experiment was conducted on rats, and the tumors were measured in vitro. This stunning link between acidosis and cancer motivated a new nutritional strategy for cultivating long-term health.

Tips for Reducing Dietary Acidity

Each nutritional expert suggests a different means by which we can maintain proper pH levels in the body. However, there are some general steps advocated by most programs. For example, proper exercise helps your body with this goal. Cigarette smoking and stress will hinder your efforts. For ideal pH balancing, this must be understood.

Dietary changes are also very important when pursuing a proper pH Balance. Unless you are suffering from alkalosis, you should consume acid-reducing foods. Replace acidic artificial sweeteners with alkaline vegetables. Essentially, you want to substitute acidic food items with alkaline alternatives when possible.

A number of dietary supplements can promote proper pH balancing. In concert with exercise and a healthy diet, these nutritional products can give you a serious advantage. Acidosis may be causing those chronic aches and pains that we face every day. If you have not been monitoring your dietary acidity, this is a very real possibility.

In Conclusion

An ideal pH balance is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. This can be achieved through diet and exercise. Nutritional supplements are helpful as well. However, discuss these decisions with your primary care physician. Some nutritional products can interact with certain health conditions and pharmaceutical drugs. Since your doctor has access to your complete medical history, a careful assessment of these potential risks can be provided.

Overall, many suffer from acidic diets. This may be the cause of serious health problems. Some theories even suggest that this may lead to cancer or other diseases. A comprehensive health plan should include pH balancing. Consider this when making dietary choices.


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